10 biggest habits damaging the BRAIN!

Saturday, May 8, 2010 11:57 AM Posted by umiefull

No breakfast
-going to have a lower blood sugar level
-lead to insufficient supply og nutrient to brain
-causing brain degeneration

-causes herdening of the brain arteries
-lead to decrease in mental power

-causes multiple brain shringkage
-may lead to Alzheimer disease

Air pollution
-decrease the supply of oxygen to brain
-since brain is the largest oxygen consumer in body
-lead to decrease in brain efficiency

High Sugar Consumption
-will interrupt the absorption of protein & nutrient
-causing malnutrition
-and interfere with brain development

Sleep Deprivation
-sleep allows brain to rest
-long term deprivation, will accelerate
death of brain cells!

Head covering while sleeping
-increase CO2 concentration
-& decrease O2 concentration
-lead to brain damaging effect

Working your brain during illness
-working hard @ studying, lead to decrease
effectiveness of the brain

Lacking in stimulating thoughts
-may cause brain shrinkage
-boost your brain with some IQ test
eg:play games that use strategies & logics
(sudoku etc)

Talking rarely
-intellectual conversation will promote
the efficiency of the brain

So, let's start the right habits today!!!

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